Classes of membership

  1. Community Membership

    This membership is open to anyone who has an interest in supporting the work in the two local government areas Baw Baw and Latrobe. Applicants need to apply to the LLEN and have their application approved by the LLEN Board of Management. Membership is free.

  2. Organisational Membership

    Organisational membership is open to organisations as listed below. The organisation is the member and has to officially appoint a person to represent that organisation. This membership is also free and subject to Board of Management approval after application of the Organisational Membership form.

Membership categories

Organisational members

  1. Schools
  2. TAFE Institutes or Universities with TAFE sectors
  3. Adult Community Education organisations
  4. Other education and training organisations including private registered training organisations, Universities and group training companies
  5. Trade Unions
  6. Employers/Peak employer organisations/Regional employer organisations and employment agencies
  7. Local Government
  8. Other community agency and organisation such as Commonwealth and State government departments, Adult, Community and Further Education Regional Councils, Regional Youth Councils, Area Consultative Committees, etc
  9. Koorie organisations, Peak Koorie agencies or Regional Koorie Organisations

Community members

  1. Community members

Co-opted members

  1. Co-optee(s): Persons nominated by the Committee. A co-optee must be a Community Member or a person associated with an Organisational Member