Inspiring Young People

Inspiring Young People is a program developed and established By Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN in partnership with equipsuper as an initiative to increase the aspirations of young people in our regional areas to continue with the schooling and to encourage consideration of appropriate training pathways which will allow them to achieve their objectives.

The program relies on the support of many community volunteers and links these volunteers with groups of young people to share their experiences of their own journeys through their adolescents and into the workforce. This activity usually takes place over a formal dinner or luncheon in a restaurant environment where at times up to 50 young people and 50 adult volunteers share their stories.

The objective of the IYP program is simply to “inspire” young people, some of whom may not have clear or positive aspirations for their future, into making informed and supported decisions for their futures. The program is well supported by its partners including the schools and community support organisations and programs. Evaluations of the program have clearly demonstrated that young people value the program and gain a great deal from the activity. The adult volunteers also report that they receive great benefit and understanding form the program and continue to promote and support the initiative.

Since its inception the Inspiring Young People program has been significantly supported by equipsuper. Their continued support has allows the program to service over twenty locations in Gippsland each year where over 500 young people and more than 300 volunteers participater.

Inspiring Young People encapsulates the four different Inspiring Programs facilitated by the Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN in partnership with equipsuper. These programs include: Inspiring Young Women, Inspiring Young Koorie People,  Inspiring Young People (Formerly Straightalk) which includes Inspiring lunchtime events for years 8/9 males and femailes, multicultural young people and young people with a disability.