Structured Workplace Learning 


LLENs facilitate access to SWL placements for school students that are tailored to local priorities and employment opportunities. The SWL placements link to the vocational education and training (VET) programs being undertaken by school students as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). 

The Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN will be providing this program in the local region which covers the Baw Baw and Latrobe local government areas.

The program aims to identify, facilitate and coordinate quality workplace learning through Structured workplace Learning (SWL) ,School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATS) for young people aged between 15 and 19 years.

An SWL statewide portal has been introduced to provide schools, that work with the LLEN, a single, easy to navigate, information and referral point for a diverse range of SWL opportunities uploaded by the LLENs and employers.

Program Goals

  • Increase the number of young people undertaking workplace learning placements
  • Increase the alignment between VCAL and VET provision and local industry needs
  • Expand the number of employers offering quality workplace learning opportunities

Benefits to Employers

  • Opportunities to contribute to the personal development, learning and industry experiences of local young people
  • Ability to provide feedback on current industry needs and requirements to local educators
  • Ability to trial a young person before offering them an ongoing apprenticeship or traineeship or part time employment
  • Develop the community profile of the business through positive involvement in the program
  • Develop the skills of other staff as a result of them being involved in the mentoring or supervision of the young person
  • Eligibility for government financial incentives

Benefits to Schools

  • Availability of quality and vetted workplace learning opportunities
  • Feedback from employers on current and future industry needs for curriculum renewal
  • Direct access to information from employers regarding workplace expectations which can facilitate better match ups between employers and student employees
  • Access to resources available available on the LLEN website (refer to links) which will inform students and employers of workplacement opportunities and expectations
  • The program will assist students to put classroom learning into practice in the workplace along with the ability to share and reflect upon workplace experiences via classroom discussion.

Benefits to Students

  • Opportunity to develop employability skills
  • Ability to put knowledge acquired in the classroom into practice in a real world situation
  • Enable students to commence their career journey along a pathway that is directly related to their interests and school studies
  • Potential to transition a Structured Workplace Learning placement, or an SBAT into a full time position