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Local Learning & Employment Network

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Every young person in our local communities is engaging in learning or employment. Every young person is aspiring to a successful future.


Leading innovation, creating opportunities and solutions through local partnerships that assist young people to engage in learning and employment.


To guide communities to positively connect and support young people to become effective members of community.

Our Priorities

& Initiatives

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Goal One
We will be a strong, sustained organisation that builds community capacity through leadership, brokering partnerships and advocacy. Our work will be informed by evidence and be responsive to local needs.

Our Priorities

  • The work of the LLEN takes a place based approach
  • The LLEN is recognised regionally as the major supporter of young people.
  • Advocacy at all levels to ensure sustainability and continuity of the LLEN
  • Broad advocacy – not merely within our area
  • Review BBLLLEN Governance model – work with key stakeholders
  • Ensure appropriate organisation capacity
  • Maintaining our organisational capacity
  • Strategic alliances with local organisations in the LLEN network

Our Initiatives

  • Encourage development of the skills and capacity of the Board of Management
  • Develop strong partnerships with complementary organisations to ensure improved outcomes for young people in the region
  • Seek additional revenue sources and funding models to sustain youth support programs in the region
  • Monitor and maintain effective policies and practices which sustain and improve the capacity of 
Goal Two
We will lead the development of approaches and opportunities for young people. We will maximise their opportunities for
  • Learning and skill development
  • Careers and employment
  • Leadership
  • Social and emotional well-being

Our Priorities

  • Encourage educators and employers to ‘think outside the square’ in relation to young people
  • Assist community to rethink how we cater for a changing world
  • Recognise that young people need employability skills and provide opportunity for them to do so
  • Support and develop flexible options for every early school leaver

Our Initiatives

  • Support the capacity of the region to provide quality affordable vocational training that is accessible to all young people.
  • Encourage a collaborative approach to the delivery of VET and VCAL in schools and training organisations
  • Support innovative arrangements for delivery and development of future skills/needs of young people
  • Ensure the inclusion of disengaged and or disadvantaged cohorts of young people in meaningful learning and training, including
    • young Koorie people
    • young people form cultural diverse backgrounds
    • young people with a disability
    • early school leavers
    • young people not in education, training or employment organisation

Goal Three
We will facilitate and lead our community to support every young person and to recognise their value

Our Priorities

  • Young people’s views will guide the board
  • Improving connections between the community and young people
    • Educating employers as to the potential of young people (ie VCAL students)
    • Think outside the square – changing the mindset of employers, educators re how the skills of young people can be used in their organisations.

Our Initiatives

  • Encourage commitment from community to provide opportunities for young people to better participate in and be connected to community
  • Improve knowledge of and access to youth services which support young people
  • Gather, publish and make available relevant local and regional data, case studies and research data to support informed decision making in planning to meet the needs of young people
  • Develop and implement proactive industry engagement initiatives which provide opportunities for young people organisation