The Future Self program is proudly supported by the Department of Education and Training.

This initiative aims to enhance and support the learning, transition and aspirational mindset of rural and regional students at the upper primary and secondary school levels. The aim of the program is to build the career aspirations of students by increasing exposure to mentoring, role models and post school pathways. Industry Ambassadors will support students to achieve a greater understanding of employment opportunities and career pathways through school engagement activities such as school presentations, workplace tours, Q&A sessions and supporting a student on work placement.


Dr. Bernadette Spencer


Health & Community Services




Hi! My name is Bernie and I’m a junior Doctor working at Monash Health, training to be an Intensive Care Specialist. I spend my time in the Emergency Department, the ICU and the operating theatre.
I grew up in Warragul and became a Registered Nurse after finishing high school at Marist-Sion College. Perhaps differently to a lot of people, I always knew that I wanted to be a Doctor, and after not being accepted immediately after year 12, I pursued a postgraduate pathway. (Which is a fancy way of saying I got another degree which then allowed me to get into Medicine), but I also absolutely loved Nursing.
When I am not running around in scrubs, I mostly hang out with my partner Kristian, and our golden cocker spaniel, Blanche. Our life is pretty much a contest of who can make each other laugh the most and sing the worst.