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New Energy Technology (NET) Program

The New Energy Technology (NET) Program is made up of emerging jobs of the future in renewable energy, technologies, and industries, enabling young people from years 9 and 10 to learn more about energy and technologies.
The NET program provides an opportunity for students to work with and be mentored by professionals to design, research and develop an innovation with a real-world application.
NET Program

The NET Program is held at the Gippsland Tech School in Morwell with two sessions each term.

There are three themes to the NET Program challenge, each team will choose one theme to work on:

1. Technologies | Challenge examples: How can technology be utilised to manage the offshore mrine environment or the route of the transmission system of renewable energy?

2. Engineering | Challenge examples: What does Renewable Energy Engineering look like from various renwable energy like solar, wind, biomass, smart grids, photvoltaics? Or, how wind trubine engineers willplan, design and oversee the build of wind-generated power plants? Or, how a chemical engineer can work on solar?

3. Emerging Jobs | Challenge examples: How do we encourage more young people to take up careers in renewable energy? Or, how can new renwables enrgy industries work better together with young people? Or, how emerging technologies are changing the future of work?

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