Paula Fowler


Emergency Services


Police Officer


Hi! My name’s Paula Fowler and I work at the Warragul Police Station. I’m a Leading Senior Constable of Police. I’ve been in the Police force for 16 years and prior to that I was a Registered Nurse. So, when I was at High School, I got to year 12 and didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but was expected to go to University so I ended up getting into Nursing at Latrobe Uni in Wodonga and I did 3 years there. And I worked as a Nurse, I did some travelling in that time working for an agency in Western Australia. And then I returned to the Warragul Hospital where I worked part-time and also had 2 children in that time. Then joined the Victoria Police Force and since that time I’ve had another child. I worked up at Morwell Police Station, Pakenham Police Station and now based at Warragul Police Station.