Dr. Bernadette Spencer


Health & Community Services




Hi! My name is Bernie and I’m a junior Doctor working at Monash Health, training to be an Intensive Care Specialist. I spend my time in the Emergency Department, the ICU and the operating theatre.
I grew up in Warragul and became a Registered Nurse after finishing high school at Marist-Sion College. Perhaps differently to a lot of people, I always knew that I wanted to be a Doctor, and after not being accepted immediately after year 12, I pursued a postgraduate pathway. (Which is a fancy way of saying I got another degree which then allowed me to get into Medicine), but I also absolutely loved Nursing.
When I am not running around in scrubs, I mostly hang out with my partner Kristian, and our golden cocker spaniel, Blanche. Our life is pretty much a contest of who can make each other laugh the most and sing the worst.